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“You may be capable of great things,

but life consists of small things.”

Deng Ming-Dao

Your Novel

Connect with an editor

that will eat, sleep and breathe your work

from the novel, to the chapter,
to the paragraph, to the sentence, to the word, to the period.

Life consists of small things.

From the novel, to the chapter, to the paragraph, to the sentence, to the word, to the period…. Life consists of small things.

About me: Editing is a way for me to connect with authors during their creative process.  I am passionate about writing and editing.


  • I have been honing and perfecting my editing skills for over twenty years.
  • I started writing at an early age and enjoyed my English classes above all others.
  • In 1997, I volunteered as an associate editor for Shoeless Publishing Company of Fort Myers Beach, Florida.
  • My education includes a Bachelor of Arts in English from Northern Arizona University. My focus at NAU was on creative writing and grammar.
  • In 2016, I received a Prose Certificate from the Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC), a ten-month program.
  • I have also received a Certificate of Continuing Education on Business Writing and Grammar Skills from Rockhurst University’s Continuing Education Center.
  • I was Managing Editor and Producer for Truck Wine, an IPRC publication.
  • I was Prose Editor for 1001 Journal Issue 2 and Production Volunteer for Issue 3.
  • I continue to consume books and blogs about writing and words. I keep a library of great writer’s tools on hand and refer to them throughout the editing process.
  • I attend writer’s conferences and workshops.
  • I am in a weekly writing group that focuses on facilitating writing exercises and giving immediate verbal feedback.
  • In the last several years, I have worked closely with authors as they have prepared drafts for publication, workshops, personal writing, or just a round of more edits to come.

If you are self-publishing or hoping to achieve publication elsewhere, I want to help you get your manuscript ready for readers to enjoy. Let’s talk about your short story, fiction novel, website/blog, poetry manuscript, or personal essay in more detail. I specialize in identifying topics of social responsibility. I maintain connected with and understand the personal relationships between writers and their work. I hope to meet you soon!

I am a novelist reworking and reworking her life’s work, a poet, and a mixed-media artist. I’ve earned a living through a variety of professional customer service careers, training, marketing and managing.