Editor’s Insight is Instantly Inspirational

Writers have feelings.

Yes, it may be an obvious statement, but it is an honest one. And the truth is, each feeling we have is just as important as the next–from annoyed (didn’t appreciate the use of alliteration in my blog’s headline?), to confidence to rejection. From author to author.

I came away teary eyed after reading an interview featuring Amy Einhorn (a writer and publisher/editor in NYC).  The interview is in the April edition of Poets & Writers Magazine, Einhorn is questioned by Michael Szczerban (an editor for Simon & Schuster). While I was swept away by the “romance” of having a career in NYC, I was even more inspired by Einhorn’s tenderness toward her authors.  Her personality is engaging and her words were worth sharing:

“What feeling do you want to communicate your authors at the end of your letter?

Encouragement. Editing an author’s work is so incredibly intimate. You’re probably reading it closer than anyone else is going to read it, and your author has now spent a year or two or sometimes four or five working on it.”


As an editor and writer, I aim to embody her spirit in my editing career. I get a feeling through my bones from this sentiment and wanted my first blog post for Star Scroll Editing to capture the emotion and power that Einhorn does when talking about her work and her life. Read the interview to get to know this editor and feel inspired!

More about Einhorn: Amy Einhorn Books (at Putnam/Penguin Group USA) is the publisher of The Help by Kathryn Stockett and other books.